Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alex & Noa in the News

My buds in Sweden, Alex and Noa Resare, have a story worth telling. Theirs is a story of love against all odds and the creativity of God. You can read some of Alex's story over at bXg and his blog.

Recently a regional publication in the city where they live, ran an extensive article about them and their lives as a gay couple with one of the men being trans. Although lots of Americans have this idea that Sweden is light-years ahead of us in regards to LGBT issues, folks still need lots of education. I believe Alex is the first trans person the reporter met.

Here is the opening of the article:
Trots att paret Resare lever trogna sin kärlek och har varit gifta i åtta år, sedan de var 20–21 år, har de fått lämna sitt samfund och rent juridiskt ta ut skilsmässa. Orsaken är att Olivia genomgått könskorrigering och nu heter Alex.

Före könskorrigeringen gick all energi åt till att hålla tillbaka den han kände han var.

– Min Gudsbild och självbild ledde till självförakt, nu ser och uppskattar jag det vackra hos andra och i tillvaron, säger Alex.

För ett par år sedan var de ett aktivt frikyrkopar. Olivia och Noa träffades genom gemensamma vänner. De gifte sig och fick två döttrar. Olivia blev hemmafru på heltid och kämpade för att sköta hemmet perfekt.

Med förväntan träffar jag Alex och Noa tillsammans på ett kafé. Alex har bruna, lite hemlighetsfulla ögon. Stereotypa tankar på honom som Olivia med långt hår, lite läppstift och en dammvippa i handen fladdrar hastigt förbi.
Noa och Alex är inte bara skärpta och villiga att förklara, utan också två människor med en märkbar ömhet mellan sig.

Text: Erika H Magnusson
Foto: Andreas Nilsson
My translations skills fail me. But here is a rough translation. The writer insisted on using Alex's former name, something that I understand but find disrespectful and something done out of ignorance. I will not use any such names in my translation. Alex can help if he wishes and of course others Swedes read this blog:
Despite that the Resare couple lived a sexually faithful life and had been married for eight years, since they were 20 and 21 years 0ld, they have had to leave their marriage for legal purposes and get divorced. The reason is that Noa's wife had undergone sex correction and now is called Alex.

Before the sex correction, all Alex's energy went to to holding back what he knew he was.

"Facing my image of God and my self-image led to lonliness and contempt. Now I understand and see myself as beautiful as other people," Alex says.

The two were active in the free church. Alex (still a woman on the outside) and Noa met through common friends. They married and had two daughters. Alex became full-time housewife and strove to maintain the home perfect.

With anticipation, I envision Alex and Noa together in a café. Alex has brown, little secret full eyes. I had stereotyped thoughts about him that as a woman with long hair, little lipstick and a feather duster in the hand that flutters rapidly past.
Okay, that is all I can do. You can read the entire piece for yourself here. And feel free to correct my translation. It is faulty at best. Or forget about the words altogether and stare at the gorgeous picture of this amazing couple.

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At 6:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right... it *is* a gorgeous picture! Much love :)

At 10:06 PM , Blogger Allyson Dylan Robinson said...

*Beautiful* couple. That picture makes me want to just *hug* you!

Someday Alex and Noa and my wife and I need to get together.

At 1:48 AM , Blogger Alex Resare said...

That is one great translation man!

The part "Facing my image of God and my self-image led to lonliness and contempt. Now I understand and see myself as beautiful as other people," Alex says. is rather good translated but I think she didn't really get what I meant. She looked strange when I said it.

What I said wat that with my old image of God and a terrible self-image I grew contempt not only for myself but also to others. Now when I accept myself and love me for me I can also see and appreciate the beauty in other people.

Thanks auntie doris and ally!

At 1:13 AM , Blogger brittanicals said...

Just look at how much love they have for each other! Breathtaking.


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